One-of-a-Kind Ceramics and Paintings

Erin enjoys the journey, from creating, through learning, to doing the work and mastering the completion. She creates one of a kind functional ceramics and hand thrown pottery including casseroles, mugs, bowls, vases and small platters.

Erin also paints with acrylics. Some of her most unique paintings pair still life studies of ceramic pots together with floral and natural arrangements in the pots. She is inspired by the people and places around her, as shown in her current Alberta Bound pieces in both ceramics and paintings.
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Erin is pleased to consider requests for commissions. Contact her by Email: Erin Freed


Acrylic Paintings


About Erin…

Born and raised in Manitoba, as a young adult Erin moved to Calary, Alberta, where she raised her daughters, practised medical x-ray technology and painted in acrylics. Nearing retirement she was accepted and studied part time at  Alberta College Of Art and Design to earn her BFA, majoring in ceramics while also advancing her painting expertise.

Erin is past president of the Alberta Potters Association and is a board member of Artpoint Gallery in Calgary. Erin participates in Artpoint members shows and in 2018 had her first solo show at Artpoint.

Erin enjoys her grandchildren, yoga, cats and garden. She also looks forward to spending more time with friends and travelling.


Erin’s ceramics are shown and represented at:
Aqui Arts, 1909 34 ave Sw, Calgary;
Cornie’s Daughters, 2017 19th Ave, Didsbury AB;
Beacon Original Art shows;
Alberta Potters Association events and Christmas sales; and
Bridgeland Riverside Farmers Market

Sales & Contact 

Many of the works on these pages are for sale by the artist. Some have been sold but are displayed as examples of Erin’s works that can be used as the basis for custom commissions.

For more information, to purchase Erin’s works, to discuss a commission or to find current sales galleries where Erin is displaying her works please  Email Erin Freed

Artist’s Statement

Artists engage the senses and the emotions in their audiences. 
I like to engage the emotive senses by providing visual and textural stimuli.”

As a ceramic artist I primarily use medium fire, cone six clay. I use under-glazes, glazes and carving and enjoy taking simple forms like mugs and bowls to create one of a kind pieces.
In painting I use acrylics on canvas in a variety of sizes. Using generally bright colours I work with photographs or still life arrangements to achieve an intimate connection with the viewer.

Erin Freed

Please  Email Erin Freed with any comments or questions. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE COMMENT AREA BELOW.

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