One-of-a-Kind Ceramics and Paintings

Erin likes the journey of creating as well as the work created. The journey is about learning, the work about completion.

Erin Freed creates one of a kind ceramics and hand thrown pottery raanaging from whimsical “fairy houses” to an exquisite variety of casseroles, mugs, bowls and other functional works. Erin also paints with acrylics, returning to painting after majoring in ceramics to earn her BFA at Alberta College of Art and Design.

The subject matter in Erin’s current painting includes a variety of tree studies based on her home area in Alberta, Canada and her extensive travels, frequently visiting Vancouver Island on Canada’s West Coast.

Some of Erin’s most unique paintings are still life studies of ceramics she has created paired with floral and natural arrangements. Erin is exploring paintings and ceramics as vignettes displaying both the still life paintings of the pots and the pots themselves together. Erin also enjoys figurative painting, often featuring strong characters, seniors and children.

Come back often to see her wonderful marriage of original pottery and original acrylic paintings!

Erin is pleased to consider requests for commissions.
Email: Erin Freed